Mountain Folding is an experiment, born from the desire of creating a broader experience than traditional origami conventions. It combines a vacation among paperfolders with a summer camp, with activities mostly oriented towards creativity, experimentation, and sharing different techniques and styles.

The idea was born at the CDO Convention in 2013; at the beginning it was just a shared dream, apparently completely utopist. Ever since then, it has transformed into a real project and two editions took place, in 2014 and 2015, in Madesimo (SO), thanks to the trust given by CDO, which has given us its sponsorship.

This new edition of Mountain Folding will take place in a new location and in a totally renewed format: three weeks with specific programs and targets, to meet the different needs emerged during previous editions.

The convention will take place in July 2020 in Vattaro (TN, Italy), a typical mountain village on the “Altopiano della Vigolana” in Trentino, few kilometers far from Trento and the beautiful Caldonazzo lake.

The number of participants for each week will be limited to allow working in a single group and facilitate socialization and creative exchange.

During each week, origami workshops and group activities will be combined with non-origami activities, in order to have fun together and get inspired by observing Nature and trying local craft techniques, typical of the region hosting us.

The convention is not limited to few days, allowing participants to know each other better and creating the best conditions for sharing and creatively working together. Moreover, it offers the opportunity of enjoying a vacation on the beautiful Italian Alps, doing sports or cultural activities, together with other paperfolders or your own family.

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